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Termite Control: Evidential Signs of an Extensive Infestation

Due to their minuscule size, some people tend to brush off termites as simply an annoying irritant in their home. But termites can wreak a considerable amount of havoc if you are not meticulous about their extermination. In fact, homeowners should be especially wary of any red flags since an infestation can go for years without being detected. By the time you do notice that the situation is critical, the chances are irreparable damage has already been caused to your structure. Whether you think you are at risk of an infestation or not, it is essential to be familiar with the symptoms of harbouring these critters. Read on for the evidential signs of an extensive termite infestation.

Mud tubes springing up in and around your home

Although most people are familiar with termites, a good number of individuals are unaware of how these insects make their way into the house. Termite colonies are typically situated outside in your yard. However, when they start to venture out of their nests to forage for food, they do so by constructing mud tubes. Mud tubes are easy to overlook, as they seem like innocuous piles of soil, but they are cleverly constructed to lead from the exterior walls of your home to the interior of your residence. Mud tubes are also commonly found along baseboards and door frames, as the insects will source their food from the timber. Hence, by the time you notice some unusual piles of soil along your walls, it is advisable to seek termite control services.

Loosening of the floor tiles inside your home

As the termites progressively take up residence inside your property, they begin to eat away at the different materials they encounter as they search for cellulose in the structure. Resultantly, they end up exploring the entire premises and wreaking havoc in their wake. One of the damages you may have not previously associated with termites is the steady loosening of tiles and floorboards. As the termites burrow their way through your home, they end up breaking down the grout and resins that hold these tiles and boards together too. Hence, you start to find that these arts of your infrastructure are getting dislodged for seemingly no apparent reason. It is best to hire termite control services to carry out an inspection of your property and determine if these critters are responsible for the structural issues you are experiencing.