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What You Need To Know About Exterior Door Knobs

The external part of the door is important for multiple reasons. It gives your house an excellent display and also protects you from intruders. When selecting an effective door knob for your house, you should have multiple considerations in mind. Here are useful tips for you.

The Mode of Opening

You may have to make a choice between a door knob that needs a key to be opened and a keyless one. A keyless door knob gives you easy access to the house and also makes it easy for your children to open the door. The other type provides you with high security and ensures that only the person with the key can get into the house. If you go for the latter, ensure that is has a unique key that cannot be duplicated.

Consider Durability

Select a door knob design which is strong and will last for a long duration. This will limit the need for replacing or repairing the door knob. You need to know about materials which will provide the desired strength for your door knob. For instance, metallic door knobs are long-lasting. Wooden door knobs will also serve you for a substantial period if they are properly treated, painted, or coated.

It Should Be Burglar Proof

The safety of the property inside your house relies on the ability of the door knob to resist any kind of breach. Install an exterior door knob that cannot be easily damaged through drilling or cutting. Galvanised steel is known for its robust characteristics, so you should have it in mind when making your choice.

Give Your House a Stylish Look

Door knobs are available in various shapes, sizes and colours. Select something that will make the exterior part of your house look outstanding. You may also consider the interior décor of your house so that it matches with the design of the knob. Gold or diamond-coated door knobs will provide your house with an exceptional appearance. Check with your local hardware store for the latest styles and get one that will give your home a sense of class.

The Prevailing Climate Should Guide You

The environment where you live is an essential factor that will determine the type of door knob you install on your door. Ensure that the door knob is resistant to both hot and cold weather conditions. You can also apply a protective layer to the door knob so that it can withstand any changes in weather.

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